GUIDE | How to automatically set Bing image of the day as your Daily Homescreen and Lockscreen wallpaper on Android

Bing Image of the day on Nokia 2 and Nokia Lumia 1310
Bing Image of the day on Nokia' 2 and Nokia Lumia 1320
Many old Nokia fans and Windows Phone users are now making their way to Android. One of the best features of Windows Phone was its ability to automatically set the Bing image of the day as the lock screen wallpaper and most of us loved it. Now many of you might be missing this feature on Android but you can set the Bing image of the day as your home screen and lock screen wallpaper on Android devices.

Play Store has tons of applications for customizing Android devices and we also have many apps that can help us to set the bing image of the day as the daily wallpaper on our Android device. I tried a few apps and found only one app to be useful than the others. The name of the app is Daily Wallpapers from Bing and currently, I am using that app on my Nokia 2 and it works. The app has a simple UI and also has a Dark Theme option for the in-app UI.

Download Link (Google Play Store) - Daily Wallpapers from Bing.

How set Daily Bing Image of the day as your Home screen and Lock screen wallpaper using "Daily Wallpapers from Bing"

  • Download and Install "Daily Wallpapers from Bing" app from the Google Play Store link above.

  • Open the app, go to Settings and TAP the first option which says "Change wallpaper automatically". This will automatically change the wallpaper daily.

  • Once the above step is completed you will now see the option to "Set time". Tap on it and set the time when you want the app to change the wallpaper every day. I have set the time at 00:00AM so now the app will change the wallpaper at 12:00AM in the night daily.

  • Next, you will see an option "Set as lock screen" which once selected will set the Bing Image of the day as your Lock screen wallpaper too. (That is what we want) :D (This option is only available for devices that run on Android 7.0 Nougat or the newer Android versions)

  • That is it. You will now see the Bing image of the day as your Home screen and lock screen wallpaper. :)
There are many other features available in this app such as  Blur the wallpaper, Darken the wallpaper and if you want you can save the wallpapers to your device storage as well. You can also set the orientation (Landscape/Portrait) of the wallpapers.

The best part about this app is the permission requirements. The app only requires permission to Storage but it works just fine even if you don't give the Storage permission. I have denied the permission to access the Storage as I don't save the wallpapers and below is the screenshot. The developer is very strict about privacy and has clearly mentioned that the app doesn't collect any data. You can read the description of the app in the Play Store.

IF you are facing any trouble while setting up the app feel free to ask for the solution and we will be happy to help. Don't forget to share your experience with us in the comments section below after using this app. :)