Nokia 4G Feature Phone TA-1056 passes FCC Certification

Nokia 4G Feature Phone TA-1056 passes FCC

A new variant of a Nokia 4G Feature phone has passed the FCC. The phone carries the model number TA-1056 and is a Dual Sim variant of the TA-1060 which passed the FCC a few months ago.

Nokia -TA-1056 passes FCC

We first saw the Nokia TA-1047 pass the FCC back in December which also was a Dual Sim device. Both TA-1047 and TA-1056 are dual sim variants but as per the information at FCC the difference lies in their antenna pattern which is supplied by different suppliers. Also, the TA-1056 support additional WCDMA and LTE bands compared to the Nokia TA-1047.

No other device information has been revealed at FCC. As per the already know information, this Nokia 4G feature phone is 133mm x 68mm in size, comes with Bluetooth 4.2LE, WiFi and supports VoLTE connectivity. 

Nokia Mobile is expected to unveil this device at the end of this month at MWC.

Source: FCC via: Nokiamob