One of a kind | Check out the Exclusive Nokia 3310 of the #3310art contest winner

#3310art contest winner

Remember the #3310art contest that Nokia Mobile was running on Instagram where the participants had to send their unique designs and the winner would get a Limited Edition 3310 with his design printed on the Nokia 3310. Nokia Mobile announced pizzi_design as the winner and via their social media channels in June.

The winner has received the Limited Edition Nokia 3310 with his design printed on the entire phone and has shared an image and a short video of his phone on Instagram. The phone looks beautiful and the design is very creative with the astronaut at the back and the camera being the face of the astronaut. Creativity at its best.

Check out the image and the video attached below of the one and only Nokia 3310 of this type present in the world.

Congratulations to pizzi_design on winning the #3310art contest. :)

#3310art Custom Nokia 3310