Indestructible | Nokia 3 survives the Scratch, Burn and Bend Tests of JerryRigEverything!!

Nokia 3 Durability Test

JerryRigEverything on Youtube is the best source when it comes to checking out the Durability Tests performed on various smartphones and gadgets. A few months back he had performed a durability test on Nokia 6 and named it as "one of the most durable phones of 2017"

Just a few days back JerryRigEverything performed his Durability Tests on Nokia 3 which consist of Scratch Test, Burn Test, and Bend Test. Nokia 3 is the cheapest offering in the HMD Global's current line up of Nokia smartphones priced at Rs.9499/- in India and around €139 globally.

Nokia 3 has the entire front protected by Gorilla Glass and is completely scratch resistant. The back of the device can be scratched (turned into a snowflake :p) which is to be expected as the shell is made out of Polycarbonate. Nokia 3 also passes the Burn test due to its IPS LCD screen and the pixels recover as soon as the display gets cool. Nokia 3 with its solid aluminum build survives the Bend Test with ease and stays true to the tradition of great Nokia Build quality. 

The only downside is the plastic protection on the rear camera that can be scratched easily. A simple case will raise the surface a bit and can help in reducing the scratches.

You can check out the complete Nokia 3 Durability Test in the video below. :)

What do you think about the build quality of Nokia 3? Write your opinions in the comment section below. :)

Source: JerryRigEverything