HMD Global exclusively partners with ZEISS. Nokia smartphones to feature ZEISS optics!!!

A very interesting and a surprising news came out. HMD Global has announced an exclusive partnership with ZEISS. Yes, you read that right. We will soon see some Nokia smartphones equipped with ZEISS Lenses. Nokia has always been the best choice when it comes to camera phones and we all know how good the Nokia 808 PureView and Nokia Lumia 1020 were. They are still one of the best camera phones out there all because of ZEISS Lenses and Nokia expertise put together.

Nokia Mobile also teased the announcement in the video where they clearly mentioned "Coming This Year". We will soon see some new Nokia smartphones equipped with ZEISS optics.

You can read the complete Press Release down below: 

HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, and ZEISS today jointly announced the signing of an exclusive partnership that aims to set new imaging standards within the smartphone industry. This long-term agreement builds on the shared history and expertise between ZEISS and Nokia smartphones.

With a joint ambition to advance the quality of the total imaging experience on smartphones spanning the entire ecosystem from software, services, through to screen quality, and optic design, the partnership will see ZEISS and HMD Global co-develop standard-defining imaging capabilities and will bring the ZEISS brand back to Nokia smartphones. This pledge to constantly improve consumers’ imaging experience is a reflection of the shared values between both businesses – a single minded commitment to quality, true craftsmanship and a desire to improve real life experience.

The relationship between ZEISS and Nokia phones began more than a decade ago, and is founded on a shared passion for innovation and always delivering the best for the consumer. The past collaboration saw ZEISS and Nokia phones driving technology innovations such as the world’s first multi-megapixel mobile phone and many more standard-setting devices, from the Nokia Nseries to those featuring Nokia PureView technologies. This renewed relationship is a long-term commitment to build on that technology innovation over the years to come.

Arto Nummela, CEO, HMD Global:

“Collaborating with ZEISS is an important part of our commitment to always deliver the very best experience for our customers. Our fans want more than a great smartphone camera, they want a complete imaging experience that doesn’t just set the standard but redefines it. Our fans expect it and, together with ZEISS, we’re delivering it – co-developed imaging excellence for all.”

Dr. Matthias Metz, Member of the Executive Board of ZEISS Group:

“The collaboration of HMD Global with ZEISS for Nokia smartphones will again enhance consumers’ holistic imaging experience based on excellence and innovation. Our partnership is built on a solid foundation. Together, we look forward to an exciting journey into the future of sophisticated smartphone imaging.”

This exclusive partnership with ZEISS is further proof of how HMD Global is collaborating with the best and most respected in the industry to drive perfection throughout every aspect of the phone design and build, and is a commitment to consumers to deliver the ultimate imaging experience possible on a smartphone.

Nokia Mobile also announced the partnership by sharing this video.

For all those wondering about, What happens to Microsoft and ZEISS Partnership? ZEISS on twitter made a clarification on the doubt. There will be no more Microsoft devices with ZEISS Optics.

Source: HMD Global